PFT Legal Services Plan

Open Letter on Wills,
Power of Attorney, and Living Wills

Dear Member:

You may have received a letter from the law firm of Dessen, Moses & Sheinoff  informing you that the firm is storing your original Will at their offices. The letter from Mrs. Moses suggests that your Will, Power of Attorney, or Living Will, should be reviewed and that if you wish to update any of these documents you could call one of their offices. As you may know, as of December 31, 2004, the law firm of Dessen, Moses & Sheinoff is no longer the PFT Legal Services Fund's legal provider. The firm that has been retained by your Trustees to be the Fund's provider is Willig Williams & Davidson, whose main office is located at 1845 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. The telephone number is: 215-814-9200. or toll free: 866-738-5443.

While you are free to consult any attorney you wish concerning your estate planning documents, you should know that, under the PFT Legal Services Plan, active members and retirees are entitled to have Willig Williams & Davidson prepare one Will or Codicil per calendar year without charge. The same entitlement exists with regard to Powers of Attorney and Living Wills. Services provided by Dessen, Moses & Sheinoff are not covered by the PFT Legal Services Plan.

You should also know that, under the PFT Legal Services Plan, the Trustees have negotiated a discount in the contingency fee for probating most estates. Again, that arrangement only applies to services offered by the Fund's current legal provider: Willig Williams & Davidson.

You also have the right to request from Dessen, Moses & Sheinoff that your original Will be returned to you, or sent to the Fund's current legal provider for review and/or safekeeping.

Should you have any questions concerning your entitlement to benefits under the Legal Services Plan, please contact the Fund  at the Legal Services Office: 215-972-0942, or Plan Counsel, Willig Williams & Davidson.

                                                                                Arthur G. Steinberg
                                                                                Chief Trustee

Table of Contents

  1. Trustees
  2. Eligibility Requirements for Members and Dependents
  3. Exceptions
  4. Benefits
  5. Exclusions
  6. Other Legal Cases
  7. Retiree Legal Services Benefit
  8. Common Questions
  9. Fund Rights
  10. Claim Review Procedure
  11. Additional Information
  12. Office Locations

Chief Trustee: Arthur G. Steinberg
Fund Coordinator: Crystal Barnett
1816 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Legal Services Office (215) 972-0942
Fax (215) 587-4270


This information supersedes any previous booklet and the benefits described became effective as of January 1, 2005

Question: How many cases has PFT Legal Services handled since the benefit started in 1979?
Answer: More than 90,700 cases. 30,000 employees and retirees and their families have enjoyed knowing they have professional, competent legal counsel.