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Additional Information

  1. Fund monies are contributed by the employer, The Board of Education of The School District of Philadelphia, in accordance with its Collective Bargaining Agreements with The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. These agreements require that contributions be made to the Plan on an annual basis.

  2. The Fund is governed by an eight member Board of Trustees, six of whom are designated by The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers and two by The Board of Education, in accordance with its Agreement and Declaration of Trust by which the Legal Services Fund was created.

  3. Fund monies are held in a trust fund and invested for the purpose of providing benefits to covered participants and defraying reasonable administrative expenses.

  4. The Board of Trustees’ Employer Identification Number is: 23-2088839; Plan Number: 501; Fiscal Year End Date: August 31st.

  5. The Amended Plan of Benefits is the official document setting forth the benefits offered by the Legal Services Fund. The Trustees reserve the right to amend, modify or discontinue all or part of this Plan whenever they deem it necessary. Copies of the Amended Plan of Benefits are available upon request at the Fund office.

  6. In the event that any legal matter handled pursuant to the terms of this Plan of Benefits should result in the award of attorney’s fees and costs by a court or any other tribunal, the Fund will be reimbursed for any legal fees and expenses spent to represent the participant in that matter.

  7. No participant hereunder shall have any right to assign, alienate, transfer, sell, hypothecate, mortgage, encumber, pledge, commute, or anticipate any benefits provided herein and such benefits shall not in any way be subject to attachment or garnishment proceedings or any claim against any participant; such payments shall not be subject to the jurisdiction of any bankruptcy court or insolvency proceedings by operation of law or otherwise. Any such assignment shall be void and of no effect whatsoever, and in any such event the Trustees shall have the right to terminate any benefits to such participant.

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