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Eligibility Requirements for
Active Members and Dependents

An employee is eligible for coverage provided contributions have been made on his/her behalf for ten (10) pay periods or after five (5) consecutive calendar months of covered employment, whichever occurs first.

A spouse is the legally defined husband, wife or domestic partner with whom the employee shares the same legal residence at the time a claim for benefits is made.

If an employee is eligible then his/her spouse, dependents and or legally defined domestic partner as defined below are eligible and covered by the plan.

A dependent is:

  1. Unmarried children of an employee under nineteen (19) years of age who reside with the employee and are dependent upon that employee for their livelihood.
  2. Unmarried dependent children who are full-time students, up to the age of twenty-six (26).
  3. Unmarried dependent children who are mentally or physically handicapped and incapable of sustaining employment provided the handicap occurred prior to nineteen (19)  years of age.
  4. One parent of an employee, whom the employee claims as a dependent for Federal Income Tax purposes, provided the employee has no other dependents.

Per diem substitute teachers are eligible to receive benefits after the first fifty (50) consecutive working days. Benefit hours received is proportionate to contributions made on their behalf.
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