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Legal services cannot be provided for participants in the following areas:

1. Disputes involving Employer, Union, Fund or affiliated bodies.

2. A commercial or business venture.

3. Real estate matters other than those related to a participant’s residence as described herein.

4. Participation in class actions or as amicus curiae except in situations where the Trustees determine, in their discretion, that legal representation by Plan Counsel should be provided.

5. Any matter that cannot be litigated or otherwise resolved within a 65 mile radius of City Hall, Philadelphia, PA except when a participant on vacation within the United States becomes named a defendant in an action.

6. Preparation of estate, federal or local income tax forms.

7. Immigration, patents, copyrights, and guardianship matters.

8. Representation of an heir in any claim against the personal representative or estate.

9. The payment of fines, penalties, recording fees, judgments or other money awards of any nature.

10. Traffic violations that would not result in loss of license.

11. Any matter which, in the opinion of Plan Counsel, is frivolous, without merit or brought for the purpose of harassment.

12. Matters, which in the opinion of Plan Counsel would involve an unreasonable expenditure of Fund monies or time.

13. The Plan will only provide excess coverage where legal services are otherwise available to the Participant free of charge, i.e., matters in which an insurance company will provide legal counsel, litigation involving a governmental agency or legal matters in which the Participant is entitled to legal representation by an employer or other party.

14. Any matter for which the Legal Services Fund or the Union would be prohibited by law from providing service in a prepaid legal services plan.

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